“Holy shit, I wish I’d done that.”

That’s the kind of stuff we love.

PhilaMade was founded on a principle of celebration, an attitude of positivity and a mission of inspiration. We think there should be more of it. Nothing kills the potential for great work faster than the thought that it can’t be done.

Philadelphia is our home.

And we’re proud of it. We love this city. And we want to show everyone, including ourselves, that Philadelphia can stand toe-to-toe with any other city out there when it comes to creativity and brilliance.

It’s not enough just to celebrate.

Because as solid as Philadelphia’s work is, we think it can be better. We need to push ourselves. We need to keep reaching. Great work isn’t easy and there are plenty of forces in the world that want it stopped. But we can’t give in. And we thought, you know what might help? Creating a group that understands how tough it is to fight that battle, and to celebrate the victories won. Screw misery. Greatness loves company, too.

We’re here to support the city.

We’re here to inspire people. And we’re here to drink (on happy hour nights). There’s kick-ass work to be made. Let’s get to it.

The sum is greater.

Sometimes, we just like to get together and see each other’s pretty faces. And have a little Show n’ Tell. Or welcome a guest speaker. Or take down a few beers. But we need people to make this happen. From finding venues, to securing guest speakers, to locking in sponsors, to figuring out who’s gonna take some pictures of the event, we could use all the help you’re willing to give. Reach out to info@philamade.com if you’re interested.

As these committees get a solid footing and PhilaMade grows, we’ll be adding new committees and new ways to help out. Stay tuned. 


We are creative professionals living/working in the 215/610 who celebrate, inspire and cultivate creative brilliance in the Philadelphia community.



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